Gaeng Ped (Southern Thai Curry)


If you have tried eating or cooking Khua Kling before, then this dish should be familiar to you. I’ve introduced this Thai curry paste recipe before and the link to make Gaeng Ped is here:

Another Southern Thai favourite dish besides Khua Kling is definitely Gaeng Ped, using the same curry paste for Khua Kling but the style of cooking differs slightly, within the same territory but Gaeng Ped’s version is saucier as in comparison to Khua Kling.


Gaeng Ped is normally cooked with slices of pork or bone-in chicken. I picked bone-in chicken because it keeps the meat moist and juicy. Feel free to use chicken breast but if you want a better chance at success with this recipe, go with bone-in chicken.

Level: Easy

½ a chicken, chopped

1 ½ cup of Southern Thai Curry Paste

1 tablespoon of fish sauce

Salt 1 tablespoon of palm sugar/brown sugar

Basil leaves

In a pan, stir in the curry paste over a medium heat. Keep stirring until fragrant. Add in the chicken and cook until partially cooked. Stir in fish sauce and palm sugar. Season to taste. Add in water if you like, keep in mind that the curry should be gravy like texture unlike Thai Green Curry. Stir until chicken is cooked, turn off the heat and throw in the Basil leaves. Serve with rice and fresh raw vegetables like cucumber and cabbage.