Utrecht – The Undiscovered City In The Netherlands


Amsterdam is a destination in the Netherlands that needs no introduction. Pulsing with energy, incredibly edgy and eccentric, the city always seems to coerce me to be part of the city buzz and fuss each time I am in Amsterdam.

However, I am more magnetized by Utrecht city, the fourth largest city in the Netherlands – Amsterdam’s less edgy sister but original and quite charming; delivering the whole artistic and chic impression of the city. Not only you want to do your round of selfie-ing, instagrammin’, facebooking and snapchatting here but you do really want to just linger and admire this lesser known city in Holland. Need a break from tourists but still want the hipster scene? Then Utrecht is the city for you!





A train ride from Amsterdam to Utrecht takes less than 30 minutes. In Utrecht, you will find yourself in a medieval city centre that is ideal to explore by foot.



The landmark of this city is the 368ft tall Gothic style Dom Tower. Dom Tower is the highest and the oldest church tower in Holland is located in Utrecht. You don’t have to climb up 465 steps to the top of the church tower but I would encourage you to marvel the creation and the city’s mood by just cozying up with a drink in Winkel van Sinkel.


Or, shimmy your way to one of my favourite alcoholic establishments, Olivier Café which is near to the train station. Olivier now a beer cafe, originally a historical church is also another popular place to have a chug or two and also to gawk at the grandiose décor.

Olivier Café
Olivier Café

The city also has special canals, so taking a cruise along the canals would be a great idea as you can see traditional cellars that are now transformed to modern restaurant, bars and cafés.



This truly gorgeous city is a must visit especially if you are a flâneur and wanting to explore an intimate side of Holland.