Nam Takrai Bai Toey – Lemongrass Pandan Tea

IMG_2184I am in need of a glass of non-alcoholic pure pleasure #healthilicious tea that is icy, refreshing and fragrant – the sort of tea that reminds me of a luxurious Thai spa experience. Truth is, I need the Thai spa more than anything right now to restore my vitality instantly; this calming, aromatic floral-like tea and a hot bubble bath will do for now!

Takrai is the Thai name for lemongrass and Bai Toey means Pandan leaves (screwpine leaves or pandanus). I automatically frown each time I stumble upon these two words pandanus and screwpine. Awfully distasteful, very x-rated and indelicate choice of name for a sweet aroma tropical plant!

Just the aroma of the lemongrass and pandan leaves tea bubbling away in my kitchen, perfuming my entire house with the almondy and vanilla-like scent…..that is good enough to rejuvenate my senses. And my neighbours jealous.


Level: Easy

5 cups of water

3 stalks of lemongrass, cut

3 pandan leaves, cut

Brown sugar, honey or agave (optional)

Add lemongrass and pandan leaves into boiling water. Simmer for 7 minutes or until water is fragrant. Strain the tea, add sweetener of your choice. Serve hot or let cool completely and serve with ice.