Checking in: Bangkok

Bangkok obviously has an appeal, it has endured an incredible stubbornness; the rapid development of urbanization transforming the city to a concrete jungle place and yet co-existing with the old cultural landscapes are very much persistent and oriental.

Bangkok is the only place where I would like to feel the pulse of the local culture in and out, no hesitation. The incredible vibe that I’m struggling to feel in Ho Chi Minh City.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Vietnam as it is and most people that I’ve met here love being in Vietnam because it is so out of element. This what they are searching for. Living here excites them.

The lack of multiculturalism and poor behaviours of most of the locals are causing the unpleasantness feeling I seem to have here in Vietnam. Perhaps, this is why I travel. To understand not only different walks of life and culture but also on how my thoughts are reflecting on all these elements.

Although I haven’t seen Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Usher, Rihanna and Drake performing live, I gotta confess Bangkok is still top in my bucket list.

In Southeast Asia, Thailand is the best place where you can get a dose of Southeast Asian cultu-real sense with a difference.

Before dementia interferes me, what exactly is this difference am I crazying about?The Thai people. This ain’t a mystery. The culture of a country is always identified by the locals, no? The Thais may look all swag, urban and in vogue from the outside but their daily lifestyle is still rooted to their Thai customs, values and traditions. Only one day in Bangkok you will see – the wais, a form of greeting (prayer like gesture with hands with a slight bow), ducking down when walking between two people that are engaging in a conversation and placing great emphasis on politeness and respect for locals and foreigners.

Anyways, want to know where to eat in Bangkok but you only have 3 days or less? Tough, but it can be done. These are my favourite eateries:

1. Ratchathewi BTS street food – Authentic Thai street food fix, expect extreme sweat and spice. Only dinner time.

Where: Petchaburi Road, same side with Bangkok City Hotel near Ratchathewi BTS

2. Supanniga Eating Room – Rest assured, it is named after a flower known as Yellow Cotton Tree in Thai. Eastern and Issan dishes at its best.

Where: Thonglor, Sukhumvit

3. Krua Apsorn –  Traditional and unpretentious. Krua means kitchen in Thai and krua was one of the first few words I’ve learnt when I was learning to talk.

Where: Samsen Road branch, Din So Road branch, Sanam Bin Nam branch & Vimanmek Palace branch

4. White Flower Factory – Perfect place to host your guests from abroad. Lunch time would be best to avoid crowds.

Where: Siam Square One

I get annoyed each time I hear people smugly telling me oh they only do street food in Bangkok. Well standing ovation for these foodies. In Bangkok yes, you do need a good unmistakeable authentic Thai street food experience, but after a couple of times in Bangkok, surely you will want to divert your culinary senses to something still Thai but with a slight reinvention.

I am not a perfect candidate as a food hipster, just that if I see good food, I would like to feed myself some everywhere I go.