Sleepwalking in Vietnam


Unlike most people, I find Vietnam to be an emotional unsettling cave for me, but surprisingly I am not disturbed by it, perhaps because of my non lackadaisical attitude I have yet to develop. OR, perhaps I understand that Vietnam has endured through a tragic struggle for independence over the years.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be sleepwalking in Ho Chi Minh City anymore.


To be brutally honest, on the surface, I see Vietnam as a place where backpackers and young foreign teachers come to impress other backpackers and young teachers. So ambitious, so energetic and undaunted. And that is what I think makes it quite exciting to have these over stimulated folks peppered all over the city.

This is a powerful shift to me – adjusting in a new environment and to be able to uneasily expressing my thoughts of Vietnam when most people here are unflinchingly embracing the dirt and all that jazz.


Naturally, I am not crippling myself to my sojourn, so I’ve managed to persuade my parents to visit me and with a little pressure, got them to do a Vietnam coaster ride me from Saigon – Hue – Danang – Hanoi – Sapa.

And so these are the photos, with my #pokerface I’ve skillfully managed to snap photos in between of terrifying noisy traffic, assuring my dad he will get his authentic Thai Tom Yum real soon as he was having a #badromance with Vietnamese cuisine and mum being an avid traveller, was neglecting my dad, ‘Oh, your dad was #bornthisway, we will get a stiff drink later!’ Trying to put your family together while travelling is far more strenuous than to understand Vietnamese culture from the down south all the way to the north.

Ha! I’ve just #hashtagged Lady Gaga’s top 3 sensational hits, I deserve an #applause! Make it 4!












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