Sapa The Hidden Charm in Vietnam

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Sapa has successfully cast a spell upon me. Elevated and refreshing, this is where you get to witness incredibly beautiful envy-green coloured cascading rice terraces, lush-mountain ranges, different ethnic minority groups and the local villages.

Sapa is a town situated in Lao Cai province in Northwest of Vietnam near the Chinese border. And because this area is rather remote, the cultural traditions of the ethnic people are preserved, making Vietnam’s most beautiful place remains unchanged.

No doubt you will be encapsulated by the beauty of this place.


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One way to capture the beauty of Sapa is to discover the surrounding countryside. My expert local guide a Tay ethnic tribe, showed us the local village, his enthusiasm and passion for his job somehow instils my hopefulness for Vietnam.

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As I was trekking in Ma Tra valley with my local guide, I saw two different ethnic groups the H’mong and Dzao people. The ethnic women blended beautifully in the Sapa landscape – their traditional brightly coloured clothing against the stunning vistas. Along the way, ethnic women were seen diligently working on their fabrics by the side of the road overlooking the breath-taking view of the valley. 

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It was misty and slightly cloudy that day but the fresh air awakened my senses and I enjoyed every bit discovering the diverse collection of rustic tribal villages and the tribal folks with my guide as my companion sharing his local cultural knowledge.

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We journeyed to Cao San market, almost a 3-hour drive from Lao Cai town. Cultural activities can be seen in traditional local markets – the ethnic people exhibiting their craftmanships, people distilling wine from corn and locals savouring local cuisines. However, it wasn’t the highlight of my trip – Cao San market was swampy and muddy from the rain earlier that day making it less vibrant and bizarre, the local products sold were all too familiar for me. The fact that it certainly did not offer much variety and a lively astmosphere like Bac Ha market which was located even further from Cao San market, you get to feel the authenticness.






Such an enriching experience – the beautiful shades of Sapa!

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