The Pieces and Colours of Vietnam

I’ve come to realize that this country isn’t all sturm und drang.

Over the couple of months, I’ve learnt that as long as I do not torment myself into playing the game of nonsensical eat, pray, love ritual to live in Vietnam, life in Vietnam will make sense.

I may not understand Vietnam but without a doubt I respect this country and the people. At a very young age I was taught to respect other cultures. I also remember my mum told me ‘it makes your life easier’ when I questioned her the importance of respecting the differences around us. Inevitably along the way I understand why cultivating the habit of respecting people and their culture is important. It does make your life simpler, a chance to embrace new things and most of all, it questions your ability to handgrip the unknown.

I do not mean to create a stir in your Pho but I find most Vietnamese to be emotionally flat and impertinent in comparison to their neighbouring countries.

What enlivens me in Vietnam then?

The streets of Saigon – as if it is waiting to be discovered, the mysterious hidden alleys that nice quirky cafes and restaurants are buzzing with life cannot be seen from the outside or the main street.

The coffee culture and the countless fascinating art galleries surely had amazed me.

Internet connection here is badass. Menacingly fast. Pop into any cafes and you will be well connected. This is changing the way the country and business work. Not surprisingly, this is a hub for independent start-ups.

If you want a complete makeover for a brand new you that can be done in a week or so, Vietnam should be your next destination break.

Vietnam in a way, is an interesting distraction of your everyday life.