Melbourne’s Arty Bit

The National Gallery of Victoria is playing host to an art exhibition of Andy Warhol & Ai Wei Wei which runs until April 24, 2016. NGV unveils East meets West art creations of Andy Warhol, an American pop artist and Ai Wei Wei, a Chinese contemporary artist and activist. Clearly Ai’s creations were very much inspired and influenced by Warhol. The experience was a bit of a disappointment – the exhibition was a bit lifeless and lacklustre in concept, it did not raise any difficult questions, the result was tragically insubstantial. Simply, there was no indication of why these two artists were brought together, although they do share some common interests. I did not leave with my mouth agape but it was an enjoyable visit, NGV itself is an awe-inspiring place to be at. The bravura stained-glass ceiling says it all. This truly #insanity masterpiece is designed by Leonard French.

Melbourne definitely has a wicked reputation for street art. I’ve got a serious crush on Melbourne’s street art – the rebellious and experimental kinda everyday art where you don’t need to pop into an actual gallery.

In Hosier Lane, you get to see some edgy urban art.

In Artists Lane – worth a visit if you are down in Chapel Street.

AC/DC Lane which is named after Australia’s legendary rock band.


Young Street and Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces in Fitzroy.