Fresh & simple Asian pineapple dessert


This is a must try dish if you are looking for a healthy Asian pineapple dessert with a twist! Now back in Penang happily hibernating at home, my mum is Thai stylin’ her dish for me despite the unpleasant hot temperature brewing in my island. In this dish, my mum is using her home grown edible purple flower called Butterfly Pea Flower.

In Thailand, Butterfly Pea Flower is known as dok anchan. The flowers are widely used in Thai and Malaysian cooking for blue or purple colouring for glutinous rice, white rice or even cocktails. My Thai aunty loves to eat the flowers on its own or garnish some on top of a bowl of rice for a kick. Typically, hotels in Thailand welcome their guests with a drink made from dok anchan, honey and sugar syrup.

Whereas in Malaysia, the flower is called Bunga Telang. The flowers are used to create a variety of decorative traditional cakes called Nyonya Kuih. If you would like to use something exotic yet simple for your food, consider using this flower. I find it therapeutic even by looking at the flowers in my mum’s garden.

To give the dessert a delightful tangy spin, mum made nam jim (Thai dipping sauce). Perfect dressing for this pineapple dessert. Without the sweet, sour and salty dipping sauce, it is rather incomplete……

Level: Easy

Serves 2

Fresh ripe pineapple wedges

Fresh Butterfly Pea Flowers or any edible flowers to garnish

For the nam jim:

Light Soy sauce (any soy sauce will do) 1 to 2 tablespoons

Bird’s eye chili, sliced (depending on your preference) 1 to 8 pods

Lime juice 1 to 2 tablespoons

A pinch of sugar

Mix them all together. Set aside and decorate the pineapples with Butterfly Pea Flowers.